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The story of Irish woman who lived once and was buried twice (VIDEO)


Some grave robbers recieved the shock of their lives when an Irish woman who was buried alive during a time of the Great Hunger in the 18th century resurrected during the robbery.

Born in 1705 in Lurgan, County Armagh, Margorie MCall took ill as an adult and was pronounced dead. She was buried in the Shankill Graveyard.

“Margorie McCall was reputed to have lived once but buried twice, as it says on her grave stone,” historian Jim Conway revealed to us.

“This is the grave I have been asked many questions about, as there are a lot of people who are skeptical about the truth – whether the story is myth or not.

“I believe the story to be true based on my research.”

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He described how grave robbers awoken Marjorie from her slumber.
“Shortly after she was buried the grave robbers came to retrieve the ring,” he said, referring to a valuable ring that McCall was supposedly wearing.

“They dug up the grave and tried to get the ring from her finger.” As they cut her finger they drew blood and woke the “dead” woman. The robbers fled.

“She was reported to live in Church Place, Lurgan and returned home with a knock at the door. Her husband opened the door to find Margorie standing in front of him,” he continued.
“Margorie went on to have more children before dying in her old age and [was] buried in the same spot.” according to the story.

“Her headstone now reads ‘Margorie McCall – Lived Once, Buried Twice.”

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