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Aaron Rodgers’ family feud reportedly incited by Olivia Munn


It’s unlikely Jordan Rodgers and “Bachelorette” beauty JoJo Fletcher will receive a congratulations card from NFL star Aaron Rodgers and girlfriend Olivia Munn now that they can publicly celebrate their engagement.

Jordan, who popped the question to his reality TV girlfriend on Monday’s season finale, revealed to reporters on a conference call on Tuesday he would like his older brother to attend their presumptive 2017 nuptials. But given the nature of their “complicated” relationship, it could take some time to rebuild the bond.

“Absolutely. There’s no scenario in which I wouldn’t want my entire family at a wedding,” Jordan said. “That’s something all of our family wants and hopes for at some point.”

But does the same go for Munn?

“The Newsroom” actress reportedly is in the middle of the Rodgers family drama, according to Us Weekly, following meet-and-greets gone awry. Sources told the magazine the girlfriend of the Packers quarterback “has a strong personality and every meeting she has had with them has gone badly.”
Rodgers clan continues to play a heated game of he-said, they-said, though it’s unclear who started the feud, the reports reveal. Fame as a possible factor was cited by Jordan’s father, Ed, in what tore his sons apart.

“The family says Aaron stopped talking to them,” a source said. “While Aaron says they don’t talk because his family doesn’t like Olivia.”

JoJo and Jordan are “incredibly stressed” by the mounting tension as the clan’s dirty laundry “is playing out in the media.” That ignores the fact that the world was essentially clueless to the divide until Jordan laid it out on the popular show.

There does appear to be a time when Jordan and Munn were friendly. The actress has posted bikini-clad selfies with Jordan’s ex-girlfriend, Brittany Farrar, even after the couple’s well-publicized breakup, and still follows Farrar on Instagram.
Earlier this year, the Nashville-based trainer, who dated Jordan in 2014, blasted his “Bachelorette” appearance on social media.

“Riding the bench doesn’t get in the way of a relationship, but cheating does. #yourpitchisntperfect @jrodgers11 #alwayswantedtobefamous #dreamscometrue #tuneinnextweekformoreBS,” she wrote on Instagram.

Jordan was confronted by Jojo about the cheating allegations, but the pair seemingly moved past them. Jordan was hired as a college football analyst for SEC Network — an ESPN property that has the same Disney corporate parent as “The Bachelorette” — and the couple is in the midst of moving to Dallas. And yes, Jordan’s in-laws are pressuring him to become a Cowboys fan.

“That’s not out of the question,” Rodgers said on Tuesday, though his brother, you know, plays for the Packers. “I know her family has already been heavily persuading me in that direction. So I imagine that’s coming shortly. Yes.”

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