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7 Pictures That Will Inspire You To Join The Turban Trend


Scarves are part of everyday life.
We usually don’t notice them unless they are elaborate. I must confess scarves are superheroes:

“captain save a bad hair day”

Scarf can be any clothing material like Ankara, chiffon, silk, cotton etc. And there are so many styles of scarves out there like the infinity pleats gele. The turban is my favourite. You can do many variations of the turban: closed, open, updo etc.
Ladies, these pictures will compel you to buy a scarf and joining “team turban”:

1. Open top Turban


2. For queens only


3. Polka dot updo knot


4. Pashmina classic

5. Covered blue pride


6. Leopard print updo


7. Turban fierce

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