The Coronation Of The New Oba Of Benin Will Make You Love The Nigerian Culture

Crown Prince, Eheneden Erediauwa the Edaiken N’uselu was coronated as the 39th oba of Benin.

The coronation ceremony which started on October 8th will last until October 23rd.

Crown Prince Eheneden Erediauwa was born in 1953. He has a B.A in economics and sociology from the University of Wales. He is a former Nigerian Ambassador to Norway and Angola.

On Tuesday, October 6, 2015, Prince Eheneden was formally initiated into the Royal Palace Chamber of Iwebo in keeping with ancient Bini custom after a seven-day ceremony.

The coronation rites of Benin culture are spread over a couple days because the culture is very rich. The Edaiken enters the City via Iguisi (now Lagos Street) and proceeds to Eko-Ohae (bachelors camp) where he stays for three days.

After spending three days at Eko-Ohae, the Edaiken proceeds to Usama, the venue of the traditional Coronation rites. Usama was the site where Orominyan, the father of Eweka I, built the first Palace. For 7 days, the Edaiken remains in Usama performing all the rituals and ceremonies of the Oba.

He proceeds to visits Use, a village which is a few kilometres outside Benin, here he performs the ceremony for choosing the name he will answer as the Oba of Benin before the expiration of that 7 days. This tradition is very important.

After choosing a name at Use, the Edaiken returns to Usama where Oliha, the leader of the Uzama performs the crowning ceremony and proclaims Edaiken in his newly acquired name as the Oba of Benin.

On the 7th day, after the crowning ceremony, the new Oba then leaves Usama for the town centre to be proclaimed and presented to Benin people.

On his way to the City he stops at lsekherhe to perform the ceremonial crossing of a bridge, a reminder of the day Oba Ewedo on a similar journey erected a bridge to enable him to pass lsekherhe territory without stepping on the ground.

After crossing the bridge the Oba and his entourage ignite a mock battle with Ogiamien and his followers, in remembrance of the real battle between Oba Ewedo and Ogiamien in the 13th century when  Oba Ewedo attempted to prevent Ogiamien from entering the City from Usama.

Ogiamien’s claim to the ownership of land will be surrendered to the Oba by him. The resistance of Ogiamien forces collapses during the mock fight while the Oba and his entourage proceed to Urho-Okpota.

Thus, the Oba of Benin is crowned.



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