6 Best Tips For Picking The Right Bra


It is important to select the right bra that will perfectly fit your breasts because bras hold up the breasts, they can make or mar your entire appearance.

We bring you some great tips which will help you out next time you go bra shopping.



  1. Ensure the bra cups are smooth and they lie flat against your chest

If the cups are not smooth, then that means bra is probably too big for you. If you find out that your breasts are spilling out, then you’ll need a bigger bra.

  1. Ensure the band of the bra lies straight against your back

Normally, the band of your bra should lie horizontally against your back in a straight line. If the band of your bra rides up, then it means the bra is not your size.

  1. Ensure the bra straps are not too tight

The bra’s support comes from the band and not the straps. If you’re want the shoulder straps to keep your breasts lifted, you may need a smaller band size.

  1. Ensure the underwire doesn’t dig into your skin

If the underwire of your bra causes you pain or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, then you’ll need to find a larger sized bra.

  1. Ensure there is no boob bulge

If your breasts spill out of your bra, it means you need a bigger bra.

  1. The area between the two cups of your bra must lie flat against your chest

If the area between the two cups doesn’t lie flat against your chest, then the bra is definitely not your size.


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