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Ten Ridiculous Outfits We Saw At The Lagos Fashion And Design Week


The Lagos Fashion and Design week which was a gathering of the most creative fashionistas in Lagos and beyond just came to an end. Some people however took their creativity too far and had us totally confused. Here are some of the ridiculous outfits we saw at the event:

1. Wat’s with the pink socks?

2. He would have had a ‘red belt’ in Karate if that existed.

3. He remind us of Samurai Jack?

4. This crop top has us all shades of confused.

5. Too many colours!

6. His pants had us like ‘WTF!’

7. His tailor probably didn’t finish on time.

8. Another karate lord.

9. We’re as confused as you are. Especially with the spaceship goggles.


10. And finally, this flowery fiasco.

Nawa for fashion o.

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