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10 Locations In The City Of Jos That Are Great For Your Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot


There are 4 important days in a man’s life. The day he’s born, the day he gets married, the day he gives birth to his first child and finally the day he dies. I’ll will be laying emphasis on the second most important day.

Once the damsel has been sited and the million dollar question is popped, plans such as introductions, Aso-ebi, cake tasting sessions and least I forget, a photo session all begin.

Thinking of a few amazing locations for your pre-wedding shoots in Jos? We bring you 10 alternatives.

1. Solomon Lar Park
Somon Lar Park is in the heart of the town and is easily accessed by anyone in case you’re not ready for some serious location hunt. The Palm trees provide the best backdrop for your pictures.

2. Varlaine Lounge
This is a bush bar. It’s an extension of a relaxation spot recently introduced into the city of Jos. It’s located along Little Rayfield just after the new government house.

3. Whistling Pine Forest
I’ve always been in love with this forest for as long as I can remember. You’ll find it in the wildlife park around Federal Lowcost. It’s by far the most attractive spot and could also be used for your wedding location if you’re an outdoor person.

4. Roc Hotel
This hotel is a 35-year old proposed international hotel around Lamingo, on your way to JUTH. It looks scary from afar, but believe me, it’s definitely worth it.

5. Rock Formation
Rock Formation is along Manchok road on your way out of town. It’s everyone’s favorite. Even passersby often stop to take a shot. It’s breathtaking just passing through them.

6. Rayfield Resort
Rayfield Resort just had its environment recently revamped. Only bold couples take their shots in the speed boat. It’s definitely for the bold and adventurous ones.

7. Shen Dam
If you love water or love being around it, then Shen Dam is your ideal location. The dam lies between the borders of Plateau and Bauchi States.

8. Baxter’s Garden
Baxter’s Garden is located around Apolo Crescent before the state secretariat gate. Its entrance has this vine-like adaptation. Reminds me of the movie, Les Miserables.

9. Terminus
For those of you familiar with Jos, you know how rowdy that market can be. Here’s the catch; do something extraordinary once in a while, and document memories you could always smile at.

10. Old Museum
I love this location too. Imagine sitting on an old train with the man of your dreams.

So which will you preffer?

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