These Are The Funny Nicknames Give To Different Cars By Nigerians

Nigerians have given some cars really funny nicknames.

If you visit a Nigerian car dealer or mechanic, they only recognize some cars by their nicknames.

Here are some of the most popular nicknames for cars in Nigeria.

1. Volvo 700 series – Coffin


2. Toyota Camry 1995 – Orobo

3. Toyota Avalon – Long John

4. Toyota Camry 1999 – Pencil

5. Honda Accord 1996- Bulldog

6. Honda Accord 2003-2005 – End of discussion

7. Honda Accord 2006-2010 – Discussion continues

8. Toyota Highlander – Carton Wagon

9. Honda Accord 2012 – Evil Spirit

10. Peugeot 407 – Jet

11. Toyota Camry 2003- Big daddy

12. Toyota corolla 1996 – First lady

13. Volkswagen beetle – Ijapa/Tortoise

14. Honda Accord 1998- Baby boy

15. Honda Accord 1986- Pure water

16. Honda Accord 1990- Alla

17. Toyota Camry 2007- Muscle

18. Mercedes Benz 200 1980- Regular

19. Mercedes Benz 190E- Baby benz

20. 1982 Mercedes Benz 200E- Vboot

21. BMW 3 series- COJA

Which one did we leave out? Let us know in the comments!

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