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All The Wahala That Happened With Our Math Sets Back Then In Secondary School

A lot of Nigerian students used the mathematical set which contained very important materials.

Back in the days, it was a must-have for every student. Then if you had a new, complete set of mathematical instruments, you were a cool kid. Having a maths set was really important, but it involved a lot of struggles. Here are some of the struggles of having a maths set that you might remember.


  1. When your mummy promises to give you money for a new maths set

She will defintely mention that you’ve used almost 100 maths sets and ask if you’re eating the tools.

  1. When you finally purchase the new maths set 
    3. You being extra careful with the items that you even write your name on each item with a sharp object.    4.When someone asks you if they can borrow your ruler

You will always answer no.

  1. Your countenance when your teacher start sending people who don’t have maths sets out of the class.  
  2. And all you classmates start calling you wicked and proud

Just because of ordinary maths set o.

  1. So you decide to be nice and borrow someone an item

Before they curse your whole generation.

  1. Then they don’t return it.
  2. And all the items start getting missing one by one

First the pencil, then the ruler, followed by the eraser.

  1. You trying to remember borrowed
  2. And the only items left in the maths set are the ones that nobody ever uses
  3. Then your teacher sends you out of class for not having a maths set
  4. And you have to run around trying to borrow when there’s a test

Everyone you borrowed suddenly forgot when you were nice to them.



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