Our Makeup Kits Back In The Days

Have you ever looked at your throwback pictures and felt like digging a hole to bury yourself in?

We believed we were so hot and fly then, meanwhile, we looked like trash in reality. We bring you some of the things you definitely classified as makeup at one point or the other in your life.

1. White powder
White powder was our primer and foundation. It was a must have! I wonder how we never noticed that we looked like ghosts whenever we wear them.

2. ‘Wet lips’
We called this lipgloss back then. Wet lips usually came in different fruity flavours and if you had all flavors then, you are a big girl.

3. Multipurpose Lipliner

4. This was use this to complete the ‘wet lips‘ look.

5. We also used the lip liner to create fake beauty spots
Seriously, what were we thinking?

6. And to draw thin lines as eyebrows after ‘carving’ everything.

7. Our ‘Darling yaki’ weave on should not be left out

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