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Learn How To Properly Pop A Pimple Without Leaving A Scar


1. If It’s Not White It’s Not Right

Only pop pimples with a whitehead – that’s how you’ll know they’re ready to go. It’s easier said than done, we know. And ensure you wash your hands and face so as not to spread germs!


2. Sterilize A Needle

Use a sewing needle for the popping action, but before you use the needle, be sure you sterilize it by putting the tip into an open flame. Make sure it’s cooled down before using it on your face, then apply a little rubbing alcohol to the needle as well as the zit.


3. Get It Poppin’

Holding the needle parallel to your face, push it through to the other side of the pimple. Juicy!


4. The Waiting Game

However, if no pus comes out, wait for 24 hours and try the process over again. Good things come to those who wait.


5. Now Push It!

Place your fingers on the two sides of the pimple, holding them perpendicular to your face and apply an even amount of pressure to the area. Make sure you are pressing down, but not to the extent where you break the skin around the zit.


6. Cotton Ballin’

Use a rubbing alcohol-soaked cotton ball or wipe to clean the area once you’ve got all the pus out.


7. The Final Step

Then finally, to keep that area clean and prevent against nasty germs and bacteria from getting in the open wound, use an acne spot treatment of your choice. It will also help to heal the skin naturally, to keep you lookin’ like a million bucks!



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