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here are four signs that shes definitely faking that orgasm



Okay Guys? Recall your last sexual experience, did she scream at the top of her voice, using familiar words like ‘Don’t Stop… Go Harder…. You are killing me….. Am always there…..ahhhhhhhhhhh… did all that sound real to you?

If No, then its most likely that she was probably faking it all

Now there are several reasons why ladies fake it but we are not talking about that today, however on this post we are going to be breaking down some real ways to know when and if a lady is faking it (This should be fun for the guys)

1. She is definitely faking it if and when the sounds (moans/screams) are unrealistic

Before you guys eat me raw, am not saying that some guys are not skilled enough to make a lady scream out of their lungs but this rarely occurs. However, the unrealistic ‘porn movie’ kinda screams are sure mark signs that she is faking it

2. She is definitely faking it if and when her sounds don’t go in line with what you are doing

Guys, believe it or not foreplay and intercourse work with a tempo and the more intense the foreplay gets, the higher the tempo of the experience. For instance, the sounds she makes when the foreplay begins should differ in intensity from that of when you are about to penetrate so a lady is definitely faking it if her sounds don’t correlate with what you are doing…… Understood?

3. She is definitely faking it if and when her facial expression doesn’t match her sounds

It’s quite difficult to lie with your facial expression so the best way to know and catch them in the act is by looking at their facial expression, I know its going to be difficult esp when you are also enjoying the act but if you are the curious type then give it a try.

4. She is definitely faking it if and when she doesn’t get exhausted after the act is over

If after screaming and yelling, she doesn’t get tired or at least exhausted when it’s over then trust me, she was faking it…

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