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How to give him what he wants on Valentine’s day


Make his fantasy come true.

Ladies, let’s be honest — you don’t have a

Valentine’s Day present for your man yet, do you?

Because what do women get men for Valentine’s Day? Men have a whole laundry list of easy V-Day gift clichés they can use (roses, jewelry, chocolates), but women don’t have it so easy.

There’s actually only ONE thing that men REALLY want on Valentine’s Day.


Yes, the choice is always up to the woman (and the man damn well better be worth it), but sex is the ultimate no-brainer Valentine’s gift for a guy.

But how do you actually give sex as a present?

The easy answer is lingerie.

According to sales reports, Nigerians spend over well over a billion naira on lingerie every year, particularly around Valentine’s Day.

However, isn’t lingerie really just the wrapping more than the gift?

You might be able to rock out a new bra and some garters like a Victoria’s Secret model, but if, once that wrapping is removed, you both start in on the same ol’ boring “bimonthly date night sex” — what’s the point? Aren’t you just re-gifting him something he’d get anyway in a fancy new package?

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the sexiest day of the year.


This year, don’t just settle for giving him the gift of seeing you in lingerie. This year, you can actually give him the sex he’s looking for and it can be just as easy (if not easier) than ordering him flowers.

Use this Valentine’s Day to present him with the kind of sex that you KNOW he’s interested in, but doesn’t know how to ask for it. (OR the sex he never stops asking about, but you’ve been apprehensive.)


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