West Papua(New Guinea) Delegate Storms UN Headquarters In New York For Conference In His Traditional Attire 

A West Papua (Western New Guinea) delegate has left people  dumbfounded after he stormed UN headquarters in New York for a conference.
The man who appeared to be very unperturbed by his semi nakedness had on just  a horn and band on his waist to cover his modesty. 

I think  he chose to dress this way as a sort of protest against mordern civilization. What are your thoughts on his outfit?

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  • He is highlighting the fact that the plight of his people is not being taken seriously by those who dress in western clothes. Plus, to him, his native dress is more comfortable than cloth covering you whole body. No doubt the fashionistas already know this and will be drawing inspiration from his outfit, and making big bucks that way. Bless him, Such a simple soul. Far better than those who disguise themselves as sheep.

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