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We Bring You The 3 Ghanaian Students Who Designed And Built Ghana’s First Satellite Into Space


Ghana has successfully launched its first satellite into space on Friday, July, 7, 2017.

A collaboration between the All Nations University College (ANUC) in Koforidua and the Kyutech Institute of Technology (Kyutech) in Japan made this two-year project possible.

The project which commenced in October 2015 was completed in December 2016.

Three young engineering graduates of the All Nations University
College, designed, assembled and tested the satellite when they joined the Birds project implemented by Kyutech for other four nations aspiring to be space-faring.

The project was executed by the trio, led by Benjamin Bonsu (middle), a PhD student in Applied Science for System Engineering; Joseph Quansah (left) and Ernest Teye Matey (right) under the supervision of Professor Mengu Cho, Director of Laboratory of Spacecraft Environment Interaction Engineering (LaSEINE) and other faculty members of Kyutech.

On May 15, 2013, the young engineers, along with their team in Ghana, founded the ANUC’s Space Science and Technology Laboratory (SSTL), an initiative that attracted the attention of both local and international media and also designed, developed and launched the University’s miniaturised Cansat successfully.

In 2013, the trio who completed their Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering at ANUC, afterwards they constructed the University’s amateur Ground Station that currently allows the station to receive information from passing satellites.

ANUC the first University in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa to accomplish such success in space science technology applications following this achievement.

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