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Caution: Antibiotic-resistant form of gonorrhea is on the rise via oral sex.

The World Health Organization has announced that an antibiotic-resistant form of gonorrhea is on the rise which is spreading rapidly due to unprotected oral sex.

Gonorrhea, one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the U.S., is getting harder and harder to treat — and unsafe oral sex is making the STI particularly dangerous.


Gonorrhea is typically associated with painful, burning sensations when urinating. If untreated, gonorrhea can cause skin leaves, severe joint pains, heart disease, and even meningitis. However, half of people infected with gonorrhea show no symptoms and their infections goes untreated.

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease, so you can be infected from vaginal sex, anal sex, and/or oral sex. But why is gonorrhea suddenly on the rise?

The World Health Organization reports, “decreasing condom use, increased urbanization and travel, poor infection detection rates, and inadequate or failed treatment all contribute to this increase.

So… use a condom… especially if you’re traveling… I guess.

But, wait — there’s more! The World Health Organization also warns that gonorrhea bacteria can mutate in the throat. Dr. Teodora explains:

When you use antibiotics to treat infections like a normal sore throat, this mixes with [a species of gonorrhea] in your throat and this results in resistance.

So, for the sexually active out there, PLEASE keep updated on your tests. Otherwise, your body may be creating the super bacteria that will kill us all.

Just use a damn condom, okay?


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