10 Facts You Need To Know About Acne

Acne is one of the most disturbing skin conditions you could have.

People’s reasons to why they have acne or pimples vary but some of the reasons are not so obvious.  Using makeup, you may try to cover up your acne but finding out what would actually help your skin is often better rather than hiding it. At one point or another, most of us have been affected by acne so it is not surprising that this is a topic of interest. Here are 10 unbelievable facts you need to know about acne.

1. You can’t get rid of acne by washing your face more.

Ideally, you Need maintain your hygiene to the highest standards, dirt cannot give yo acne. Actually, over washing your face irritates the skin and this can lead to acne flare-ups and even leave scars on your face. Cleaning your face twice a day is not a bad idea and stick to a cleansing regime that will suit your skin depending on how dry or oily your skin is.


2. Your acne might not have been caused by makeup.

If you buy your makeup from a dodgy place then you can expect a reaction at any time as some products will cause irritation and this will bring trouble for your skin. Always sample a bit of any product before going all out by testing it on a part of your skin, that’s how you will know how safe it is.



3. Using acne medication can get it worse.

Dermatologists can help us with our skin problems because they studied about it for a very long time. So, please get a dermatologist to recommend the right amount of acne medication and which one to actually use if need be. Overusing a certain drug on your face may dry your skin up and even lead to additional scarring.

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4. Acne can be caused by Natural products too.

Just because a product is labelled natural does not mean it will actually for you. Some of these so-called natural products end up clogging your pores and this leads to serious pimples. Always apply the skin test rule regardless of how safe you think a product is.


5. Licorice extract has strong anti-acne properties.

Licorice extract can actually help with your acne as it directly attacks the bacterium that causes acne.

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6. Boosting your immune system will help your acne.

It may be hard to actually have time for a balanced diet due to work and everything else that keeps you busy. You cab boost your immune system by taking supplements that will help fight off acne bacteria and fight inflammation. Some of the supplements include: Vitamin D, Alpha-linolenic acid, Methylsulfonylmethane, N-acetyl cysteine, and Vitamins A, C, and E.

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7.  Continue with the right skin products even if you have a clear skin.

Even after your skin is clear, you should not stop using your treatment effectively in order ensure the breakout does not occur again. Once you have had acne you need to take care of your skin with extra care than someone who has never had it.

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8. Diet might not have caused your acne.

Yes, you are what you eat but there is no scientific proof that poor diets can actually cause acne. So many people have poor diets but do not have any signs of acne. Yet there are some people who have very good diets but have acne. You just have to know when your acne flares up and stick to a diet that works for your skin.

9. Acne don’t last forever so don’t worry.

There is no way you won’t get over acne so far you are treating it diligently and with the right products. Learn how to dapt to a regimen that will always work for your skin, make your own face treatments like eggs and avocado as long as it works for you.

10. Acne is not caused by stress.

Scientific evidence that stress causes acne don’t exist, however, there is usually a higher hormonal production that may cause acne. This hormone can lead to stress and extra fat and its called cortisol.


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