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Only People Who Have Thin Veins Will Understand These 14 Things

 Yo don’t really get baffled about having thin veins except there’s need to go for sample collection in the phlebotomy room.

That’s when you start to blame yourself for having thin veins. You weep, cry and gloat and then proceed to do some research about it on Google.

Here are some experiences you can relate to if you have thin veins.

1. You ask God continously for tests that do not involve blood samples

2. When u’re asked to go for a test that requires blood by the doctor


3. And you know you have to be well hydrated on your way to the hospital


4. When you’re dead scared of needles too


5. When the phlebotomist keeps tapping your hand while cleaning with Methylated Spirit


6. Throughout this process, you’re like

hiding in box meme

7.  When they keep advising you on how to pump the blood


8. And you hear them propounding other places to draw blood from like your palm


9. You’ve been looking like this all the while

Don't Vex Me meme

10. When they finally draw the blood


11. And you have holes and blood all over your body



12. When they you “the blood isn’t enough and they need to draw another one”


13. And eventually all of this does not happen when they find the right vein at once

yes gif

14. When you hear “lab test again”


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