You Experience These 11 Embarrassing Things The First Time You Put On Makeup

Trying makeup for the first time is usually exciting at the same time, it can go completely wrong. You must have experienced these most embarrassing things that happen the first time when you put makeup.

1. How your eye keeps twitching when you try putting mascara.



2. Then when you eventually do, but now its all smudged.


3. Should we even talk about when you put eyeliner in the wrong part of the eye line then it gets smeared.



4. Now you look like a panda or a hideous rock artist because you kept applying eyeliner.


5. You look like the joker from batman because you used the lighter color foundation.



6. You have watched many highlight and contour videos but you still got it all wrong.


7. When you tried covering that pimple on your face instead it just looks worse.


8. When you put so much lipstick on and you don’t know how to prevent it from getting on your teeth.


9. When you decide to try eyeshadow that makes you look like a clown.


10. The result when you have a caked up face thanks to your wrongful use of makeup.


11. Then everyone keeps telling you how different you look but not nice.

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