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12 Signs To Prove She Is Nothing But A Gold Digger

  You need to have a ride or die girl in times where everyone seems to be so materialistic.

This article is not for you stingy guys to excuse your selfish behavior it is for the exploited to break free from fake gold digging girls. Note, a gold digger is very different from a girl who wants a financially stable man, a girl who wants a financially stable man want both you and her to be stable so you can build an empire together and she is also independent.

A gold digging girl is only aimed at milking your money left, right and center and if you happen to be broke you are on your own. Because it is for richer or for more richer and not richer for poorer. We bring you signs that your bae could be nothing but a gold digger.


1. When she only asks you about what you do and how much you generally earn. If you’re an engineer, be sure she will be excited.

2. Depending on where you take her, she will calculate how much you make then she will say things like “you seem to have a lot of money”.

3. When she start liking you so much more after seeing your BMW, Rolex watch and the Hennessy on your table.

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4. When she often talks about her designer clothes and fancy trips and claims she can never date a guy who takes her for less than that.

5. When she sends constantly you WhatsApp pictures of the things she likes as a hint for you to buy her those things.

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6. When she tells you she only dates rich men and yet she doesn’t even have a job.

7. When she likes inviting all her 5 friends on your date nights because she knows you will buy the liquor.

Tears of joy

8. She must keep up with the Joneses and look like Vera Sidiqa using your money.

9. When she gets furious if you just chill in the house and watch a movie instead of taking her out.


10. She feels it is her right to get entitled to your money.

11. She doesn’t care if you’re married or in a committed relationship as long as you spend some money on her.

12. She generally puts in more effort in bed because she knows your balling with money only.

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