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Guys Hit On A Girl In The Club With These 11 Annoying Ways

Most girls don’t go looking for husbands in the club they just want to be left in peace at times.

But there are some obnoxious guys who will never get the point and still insist on rudely pursuing us and at times it is annoying. Here are the annoying ways guys hit on girls in a club.

1. Sending a friend over to talk to us as if we are still in primary school

2. Insisting on buying shots for us when you never even told us your name.


3. Its so rude when we are busy dancing and you insist on grinding

Nene Leakes Rude gif

4. You hitting on two friends are the same time is just not right.

5. Insist on buying a bottle for us then want to sit on our table, we never requested for the bottle did we?

6. Asking us to go home with you because you are not sure if our friends will take care of us.

7. Not taking no for an answer can be realy annoying!

8. All we want to do is listen to music and be ratchet then you start talking to us in the club about your hobbies

9. Sending drinks to the table then calling us over, get over here if you want to talk to me.

10. Keep winkling at us like some creep guy with an eye defect.

11. Telling us we are sexy while you’re stinking of alcohol and disgusting.

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