This got her working and she decided to create everything from African fabric from, socks, apparels, sofa pillows, caps, overalls, coveralls, jackets, pullovers, tapestry, e.t.c.

Her unique approach earned her a spot on Mashable’s “11 Black-Owned Businesses That Are Changing The World” and we must agree that she’s indeed changing the world with her works.

Here are some of her work. Check them out and see if you will agree with us. 

1. First, take a look at this beautiful sofa pillows designed like the African map.


2. Then there is this nice laptop bag made with denim and African fabric on the sides. 


3. Then we have these nice African caps.


4. And this…


5. Even gift wrappers. 


6. Including this…


7. Thinking of wrapping something this Christmas? There you have it. 


8. Even Bikinis were not left out. 


9. And this…





12. Even cake…smh!!