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We Bet You Remember These 6 Things About Being In Senior Secondary School


1. Changing your uniform

In some secondary schools, the senior boys wear trousers instead of shorts while the senior girls switched from pinafore to skirt.

2. Asking junior students to errands for you

As a senior students, you have the opportunity to send junior students on various errands.


3. Attaching the ‘senior’ prefix to your name

When senior are being addressed by junior students, the ‘senior’ prefix was always added to their names.



4. Becoming a school mother/father

Senior secondary students usually picked one of their favourite junior students to mentor and protect.

5. Punishing junior students

As a senior students, you also have the privilege to punish junior students whenever they misbehave. Though some seniors abused their powers.

6. Becoming a prefect

Everybody respects seniors that were badges as prefects.


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