Check Out This Picture Of Cristiano Ronaldo In His Nike Branded Trainers, Clothes And Private Jet

Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo posted a picture on his Twitter account showing him dressed in Nike gear head to toe in. The picture suggests 32-year-Ronaldo even seems to have his own Nike branded private jet.

Late last year, Ronaldo signed a new deal with Nike.

Speaking at the time, he described the company as part of his family.

“I look at this new contract as [being] for life. I’m a member of the family but I have to say that Nike’s is the best, for me and my opinion,” said Ronaldo. “They do things that no-one [else] can do. I have a great relationship with this brand with great friends here in the company, specific people who work with me.

“This means a lot for me because I can give my feedback to them, they can listen to my opinions so we work as a family.

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