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Is the hobbles skirt a fashion or impending disaster?


Many fashionistas follow fashion trends blindly, even when they don’t feel comfortable wearing such outfit.

They don’t mind, in as much as they are able to achieve their fashion motive of stepping out to be admired.  Such can be said of the hobbles skirt that is very long; without any slit and is extremely tight that the wearer finds it difficult to walk.

Kim kardashian, american fashion influencer and trend setter, pioneered this trend and fashionistas are following suit.

A hobbles skirt is a skirt with a narrow enough hem to significantly impede the wearer’s stride. The name was given in reference to the device used to restrain or hobble horses.

Often made from materials such as latex and lycra, many people find hobbles skirts attractive because they restrict the wearer’s steps, making leg movements more deliberate and showing off the wearer’s lower body while covering it at the same time.

Wearing hobble skirt has it pros and cons. The restricted movement on the downside, could cause accidents. Some individuals wear what their favourite celebrities and fashion icons are wearing without giving it a second thought.

It is important that you think deep before wearing any outfit because most of these celebrities just wear outfits to show off  in front of the cameras.

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