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APGA chieftain mocks IPOB saying Biafra agitators attend rallies because they are jobless

Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka, a member of APGA Board of Trustees (BoT), ​says members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ​attend ​rallies ​in their hundreds and thousands ​​because they are jobless.

He said that successive governments through their inability to provide economically viable environment for youth to be gainfully busy had been unfair to the them.

“What you see is a sign of frustration; they have been deprived of their rights by governments in the South-East​”, he said​.

Ezonwuka ​said this on Wednesday while reacting to IPOB threat to scuttle the November​18 elections in Anambra.

Chief Ezeonwuka noted that senseless were the ​’​No Election in Anambra​’ chants by the agitators.

“The call for no election lacks sense; it is not in tandem with modern world, especially in democratic societies.

“Why will you destroy what you already have because of what you are looking for? Just like cutting off your nose?

“What are they even clamouring for? If it is Biafra, they already have it because their councillors, local government chairmen, even governors are their own people.

“What they should be doing now is to see how they can add value to the security, economic and political wellbeing of the region rather than disturbing the businesses and peace of their brothers and sisters,’’ he said.


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