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Father And Son Wrestle Armed Thieves During Robbery Attack. Photos


A video as showed a father and son wrestling with armed men during an attempted robbery at a mobile phone shop last month.

The two suspects were shown in the video released by police entering the family business in Texas, US on July 18.

One of the suspects pulls out a gun and jumps over the counter. But the owner’s son steps in and grapples with the man until his weapon falls to the floor.

The other suspect, sporting a white shirt, pulls out a second gun as he tussled with the owner.

Khurrum Monga, the owner of the repair shop Z Comm said he thought the guns were not real, but police informed him they were. “I was just fighting with him,” Khurrum said. “I don’t know what happened. It just happened in a couple of seconds.”

According to Khurrum, two men came in claiming they wanted to sell their phones.

But Monga said instead of phones, both men pulled out guns and one of them jumped behind the counter. Monga said his son lunged at the gunman.

“When I saw my son in a fight, I didn’t think, I just ran toward the fight to help.”

The two were able to wrestle the gun away from one of the robbers while the other pointed his gun at them.

Monga said the man he was fighting ordered his accomplice to shoot. One of the gunmen took off. The clerks held the other one until he ripped off his shirt to get away.

Eventually both robbers ran out of the store without anything.

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