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Police Caught Nigerian Migrants, Others Hiding Under A Train In A Desperate Bid To Enter Europe. Photos


In a desperate bid to enter Europe, twelve migrants including five children were caught clinging to the bottom of a 93mph train.

German police discovered the group on Wednesday at a station near the Bavarian city of Rosenheim hiding underneath lorries of carriages travelling from Verona to Munich.

Police have carried out spot checks in the area and used a heat-detecting camera mounted on a helicopter to identify migrants.

The seven adults and five children faced a dangerous journey into Munich with trains travelling at speeds of up to 150km per hour (93mph).

One discovered man had an injured leg, was visibly in pain and unable to walk unaided.

Many of the migrants were dressed only in shorts and t-shirts, and were found shivering. A police spokesman said the emergency services had been called for suspected cases of hypothermia.

The migrants told authorities they were from Somalia, Nigeria and Ivory Coast.

According to T=the police spokesman, in the past several months, the number of people found hiding on freight trains had gone up, from 20 in the first half of the year to 100 in July alone.

Rosenheim Police spokesman Rainer Scharf said: “They are shivering, they’re freezing cold and in a poor physical state.

“We have already called the emergency services because we believe some of them are suffering from hypothermia. I think some of them will have to go to the clinic. “We have found 20 migrants in the first days of August. In July we found over 100.”That’s a clear increase, because in the first half of the year we only found 20 people in total.”

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