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Game of Thrones season 7 episode 6: This snow costume is undeniably the best Winter outfit in Westeros


Game of Thrones did not reveal the tailor living somewhere in the depths of Dragonstone whose work isn’t getting the credit it deserves (same goes for King’s Landing really).

In episode 6 – which HBO Spain accidentally broadcast early this week – Daenerys Targaryen switched out her usual outfit, debuting a new long-sleeved cloak dress designed for winter weather as she headed north.

The outfit made up of ribbed fur and with a zig-zag cream pattern on the  back was a bit of a showstopper in the scene with Tyrion and her dragons, the elegant but incredibly badass look being finished off with her Mother of Dragons necklace.


Game of Thrones’ costumes seem to only get more amazing as the budget increases with each series, although they started out fairly humble.

Show costume designer Michelle Clapton earlier this month, revealed that the Night’s Watch’s capes started out as IKEA rugs.

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