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Buhari’s return has put all the naysayers and pathological liars to shame ― Bashiru 

On Saturday, Osun State Commissioner for Justice, Barrister Ajibola Bashiru said the return of President Muhammadu Buhari has put naysayers and pathological liars, who have been painting a bad picture of the Mr President’s health status to shame.

Bashiru reacting to Buhari’s return during a telephone chat with our correspondent on Saturday, posited that “we are happy that Mr President is back in Nigeria and we also thank immensely all Nigerians for their expression of understanding while the number one citizen was away”.

Bashiru said “While the President was away, the machinery of governance was moving because the office of the President is a creation of the constitution. It is not personalized. The lesson we should learn from that is that we should strive to build our institution so that our democracy can be deepened”.

“Buhari’s arrival has also laid to rest lies and total falsehood, being spread by some mischievous people, who said that Mr President had been permanently incapacitated. Their concocted lies have fallen like a pack of cards and Nigerians are very happy that our President is back to continue to pilot the affairs of the nation with his usual patriotism, commitment and transparency,” he asserted.

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