This Woman Spent Big Transforming Herself Into A Real-life Sex Doll. Photos

A mother-of-two has spent a whooping sum of £10,000 on a year-long makeover to transform herself into a real life sex doll.

Cindy Moore’s dream of looking like a walking, talking inflatable doll has taken a boob job, hair extensions and having her lips pumped three times a month.

But although she gets lots of attention from men, Cindy says she sometimes feels “people don’t realize I’m actually a person and not really a sex doll”.

The final touch to her transformation has even seen 31-year-old Cindy put a new car registration plate spelling out ‘Doll’. Her £7,000 boob job saw her go from a size A to a massive double-F and she spends £250 every 10 days on painful lip filler injections .

And according to her, she still isn’t finished yet or satisfied with her extreme look.

Cindy has been a fan of the “fake” look since she was 19 and loved bleaching her long locks and wearing dramatic make-up. But it was heartache which compelled her to go further and take the look to the next level when she discovered her fiancé, and father of her children, was having an affair .

She gained seven stone after the birth of her daughter Lacey, six, and son, Max, eight.

Every day, Cindy went on a strict diet and training regime to lose five stone, dropping from a size 24 to a size 12.

Cindy says that she knew that the sex-doll look was right for her after watching herself on Channel 5’s reality TV show ‘100% Hotter’, which was filmed in December 2016 and aired in February this year.

Cindy’s look has proved irresistible on social media and she has 5,000 friends and 3,000 followers on Facebook.

Her family are fully supportive of her look, and her mother has encouraged her to follow her dreams and make money out of it.

Cindy now sells raunchy photos of herself to 100 online followers who pay her £25 a month.

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