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Wife Attacks Her Husband For Dancing With A Stripper. Photos


An angry wife attacked her husband on a stage after she spotted him getting a little too familiar with a stripper.

The woman’s partner volunteered to go onstage to take part in the racy performances after the er0tic dancer called for somebody from the crowd.

It is unclear whether the man’s wife , dressed in a red jacket, had attended the event with him, but mobile phone footage taken by other audience members shows the man becoming increasing intimate with the performer.

After she sang to him on stage, the man shoved his head into her chest and even allowed the dancer to straddle him, picking her up as her legs wrapped around his waist.

This proved to be the last straw for the man’s spouse, who suddenly appeared on stage and immediately tried to separate them.

As the pair spinned around, the wife sprayed an unknown substance at them and then turned physical by kicking her hubby in the back. The shocked performer avoided the conflict and shifted to the side of the stage, while the husband and wife squared off in an unbelievable public fight.

Staff members rushed onto the stage to try to separate the couple, but not before the husband and wife exchanged blows.

Only the wife remained on the stage and appeared victorious in the end, leaving witnesses bursting with laughter.

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