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400 delegates faint as Jehovah’s Witnesses got attacked with poisonous gas.


Assailants attacked the “Don’t Give Up!” 2017 Regional Convention of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Luanda, Angola with poisonous gas leading to the passing out of no fewer than 400 of the Witnesses.

About 7,000 delegates attended the convention which was held at the weekend.

Police and firemen were invited and promptly intervened.

“Four ambulances and three policemen who joined the faithful by evacuating patients in private vehicles to the nearest sanitary units, such as the municipal hospital of and the hospital of The Cajueiros,” Theworldnews quoted Angolan media.

“The toxic product that triggered the situation has been spread by a group presumably consisting of seven older individuals, three of whom are already in police custody.

“One of the defendants was arrested in one of the bathrooms changing clothes, the other while trying to enter one of the ladies’ bathrooms with the same purpose and the third to transpose the door.”

Experts of the provincial research service Criminal of Luanda and Central Crime Lab already have sample of the toxic substance.

“There were no deaths as a result of the attack”, Panda Dombaixi, Clinical Director of the municipal hospital, which treated 45 victims, said.

“Clinically there were no worrying cases because some patients recovered as they talked to the service medical team. Some even only with natural oxygen exposure.”


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