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Sokoto Hajj pilgrims return USD900, N7,450 lost by fellow faithful

Two Pilgrims from Sokoto State have returned 900 US Dollars, N7,450 and 290 Saudi Riyals a fellow pilgrim lost in Saudi Arabia.

This was the second time pilgrims from the state returned money which they found, to the state Pilgrims officials, according to reports.

A pilgrim from the state, Alhaji Nuradeen Imam, who was confirmed to be the owner, had since collected the money.

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One of the pilgrims, Adamu Kabiru, said they found the money on Tuesday at the hotel accommodating Sokoto State pilgrims in the Masfalah District of Makkah.

Dr Aliyu Sani Sagir, Secretary, Preaching Committee of the State’s Pilgrims Welfare Agency, said the action of the two pilgrims was worthy of emulation.

Last week, two other pilgrims returned 700 US Dollars, 15,000 CFA Francs and some Nigerian Currency, also lost by fellow pilgrim.


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