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Woman’s ‘Inoperable’ Tumor Treated By Delhi Hospital


Max Super Speciality Hospital has relieved a 70-year-old Nigerian woman who was diagnosed with an “inoperable” thyroid cancer by doctors in her country after performing a successful operation on her.

Aysha Mohammed’s battle with thyroid cancer began 13 years ago when she had a complete thyroid gland removed. Five years later, she fought her second battle with the disease which was treated.

However, her agony did not stop there as a small lump re appeared in 2012.

Preparing herself for another surgical ordeal, Ms Mohammed got a rude shock when her doctors informed her that the lump was inoperable.

Ms Mohammed did not lose heart as she decided to try her luck in New Delhi, and consulted doctors at a hospital in Shalimar Bagh.

Her consulting expert Vivek Gupta, a doctor at Max Super Specialty Hospital, told her and her family that the surgery of the tumor carried the risk of extensive bleeding.

According to a statement from the hospital, the surgery could also lead to loss of blood supply to the brain on the left side, and this could result in half-paralysis, and permanent tracheostomy as a result of weakening of the wind pipe resulting from persistent pressure on the large tumour.

In June this year, Dr Gupta and his team painstakingly resected the tumour, putting an end to Ms Mohammed’s ordeal. Her bleeding was kept in check.

Ms Mohammed, who was in constant pain for almost three years had lost tremendous amounts of weight. Today, she is back in Nigeria.

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