A Day for Women Matters Now, More Than Ever


As you’ve possibly noticed friends, things are being done a bit differently at Glamour today.

It’s more important now than ever to take a day to acknowledge the worth of women in the world.

We’ll be abstaining from our regularly-scheduled programming and devoting our site and social coverage wholly to International Women’s Day (IWD) actions—specifically, A Day Without a Woman (ADWAW), an initiative that seeks to raise awareness around issues of equality and women’s rights through a one-day demonstration of solidarity.

Look forward for coverage around today’s IWD and ADWAW-related events, and conversation-sparking stories around the topics that affect women most. I highly propound taking a look at our story about real people confronting the pay gap, for example, or this essay from a young woman who went from pro-life to pro-choice or these excellent interviews with Women’s March cochair Linda Sarsour, Sen Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, and former National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

We’ll also be highlighting some killer art on Instagram in partnership with Women Who Draw a directory of illustrators, artists, and cartoonists who identify as female.

Going through the archives from the seventies, Glamour has a long history of covering women’s equality issues — one of our editors even found a list that called starting a consciousness-raising group a Glamour “Do”—and I’m proud to continue that legacy.

A Day Without a Woman is a moment for all of us to pause and think about the impact of women in our world. It’s a day where women and their allies through a variety of actions, can express support for the rights of women and all gender-oppressed people, from taking the day off to simply wearing red.

Still altogether, others may pause action and instead simply take a moment to consider the women in their lives and communities. There’s no right way to express your support: Any action, no matter how small, is valueable. Today should be about inclusion, not exclusion.

I encourage you to contribute some act of service, if you can no matter what your plan is. Think especially of acting locally. Sometimes the women who need your support most are closer than you think.


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