Lionel Messi Reveals New Intimate Tattoo Of His Wife’s Lips Inked Near His Groin

Barcelona star Lionel Messi has got a new tattoo of his wife’s lips – near his groin. The 30-year-old Argentina international revealed one of his most intimate tattoos – as he got his wife Antonella Rocuzzo’s lips tattooed on the lower part of his abs, just above his groin.

The forward reportedly got the new ink in the summer and it is said to symbolise how he will always have his wife’s kiss with him wherever he goes.

The new tattoo was spotted on Messi’s social media posts, as he posed topless by the pool with Rocuzzo during the off season.

One photo of the pair has gained over four million likes so far and drew even more attention at the weekend as Barcelona beat Espanyol 5-0.

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