TV Host Comes Under Fire After Cutting Female Colleague’s Cloth On Live TV. Photos

A TV host has been slammed after he snipped his female co-presenter’s dress with scissors during a live afternoon broadcast. Juan y Medio was presenting Spanish show ‘Afternoon Here And Now’ with Eva Ruiz when he decided to start cutting at her clothes.

Medio said the scissor trick was revenge for Ruiz cutting up his trousers as part of a previous prank when he refused to dance on air.

But Medio was not wearing the trousers Ruiz cut – she had got a spare pair from his dressing room.

He then produced the scissors and snipped away at Ruiz’s black dress.

Ruiz appeared to giggle and protest as she tried to cover her modesty, aided by a woman who came on set.

Politician Teresa Rodriguez said she was outraged by the stunt when she shared it on social media.

Soon afterwards TV channel Canal Sur apologised via social media and called the sketch “a joke between co-presenters”.

Ruiz herself said she had known about the joke beforehand and added that some were falsely trying to present her as a victim.

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