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Bayelsa will never remain the same when we are done -Gov Dickson 


Earlier this week, Bayelsa State Governor Henry Seriake Dickson entertained
questions in a media chat on a wide range of issues including the
unprecedented scope of life transforming projects embarked upon by his

 QUESTION: Which projects are now scheduled for commissioning?

Governor Dickson: Well, our government is about mega life changing
projects. In the area of education,  we have only officially commissioned
the Ijaw National Academy. There are very many schools we have built that
are ready for commissioning. I believe the results should speak for us but
given the political terrain in which we operate I think we need to
showcase some of them. In the area of education, additional five  model
secondary schools will be opened. These are areas where there were no
boarding schools before I took over in 2012. That is why you should not
have been surprised if you had militants, criminality, drug addicts, and
so on..
We have the Sagbama model secondary boarding school, also in Ekeremor that
has been on for some months now. Brass and NNGS is also set. We have three
in Kolga, the secondary school in Kiama, the one in Asuama that will be
starting this month, and the Ijaw National Academy. In Yenagoa BDGS will
start this September. The facilities in ST. Jude’s are well known. We also
have in Oporoma, southern Ijaw which came on stream quite a while ago  and
very soon even the one in Okugbie will start. We have not even talked
about the constituency boarding secondary schools that are ongoing with
new facilities comparable to what you see in tertiary institutions.

By all analysis, our state has the best public schools in this country and
we are not done yet. So I am not surprised that exam results are moving
steadily up, the performance of pupils is moving quite remarkably. That is
an indicator of the investment we are making and I want to appreciate all
the teachers, all parents for their understanding and let me use this
opportunity to call on all parents and guardian to take advantage of the
enormous opportunity we have opened up for all the young people in our
Education in all these state boarding schools is free in all sense of it.
The uniforms are provided by us, the books by us, we even feed them three
times a day. I was told that a number of the children refused to go on
vacation and opted to stay back because they are fed three times a day!

We also have the best health care facilities in the state. And even in
this recession, we are deepening our investment in that area. Even in this
recession we are pursuing  our infrastructural development program. The
airport project is going on, mega roads are going on, we have concluded
sand filling beyond Aleibiri; you can actually get to Aleibiri with Hilux.
This is the Bayelsa we came to change.. We came prepared. We cannot say we
have solved all problems, or that we will solve all problems at the end of
eight years; it cannot be done.

But we have a lot of projects ready. The Igbogene bypass with two or more
bridges, dualized has been completed. When I said we wanted to turn
Bayelsa to the Dubai of Africa we meant exactly this. So all the
interventions are like a signature of the restoration Government.
Unfortunately, the recession hit us barely one year into the second term.
I was going to address most of these things within four years. Most
people do not know that I was not keen on a second term.  That was why I
started so many things and worked feverishly  to try and complete them but
then  the recession came in. But we are committed  in the remainder of our
tenure to ensure that Bayelsa is a better place by the time we round up.

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