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Why my 18-year-old brother wedded 17-year-old girlfriend’ – Elder sister speaks


Over the weekend two teenagers became internet sensation, after they had their church wedding and traditional marriage.

Lots of criticism followed the posts on Facebook and the sister of the teenage groom shared more of the couple’s photo and tried to clear the air:

“Its really a surprise that some people can’t appreciate good things. It’s never a a crime or an abomination to marry young.

For my brother and the lady I call my sister, because she’s like one to me, their love story was never based on any financial arrangement, pregnancy or even the only son story people imagined. Their marriage took place with the consent of both sets of parents.

So, I thank Lord for their story because God has ordained it. If not they would not come together.

I couldn’t make it to their wedding due to personal reasons but I was with them via other means. So, I will thank Lord of little beginnings, it would yield great result. I wish them so much joy, happiness and God blessings upon them. Amen”, she wrote.

Meanwhile, some Nigerians are not still in support of such early marriage.

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