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Nigerian music star, Myro stuck in paternity mess, lover blackmails him


There are rumours going round that popular Nigerian music star, Myro, is about to get himself in a big mess for allegedly impregnating and abandoning a lady.

 She is determined to blackmail him into accepting responsibility because he is not ready to play dad hence insiders say the singer has abandoned her!

According to Insiders, the singer is allegedly randy and a serial heartbreaker, and could be in hot soup soon, as the lady will stop at nothing to destroy him.

“If there is one weakness he has, it is women. As I speak to you there are Whatsapp messages which were probably leaked from his phone which he is said to have lost during a recent video shoot.

“In the chats the lady (real name withheld) is threatening fire and brimstone that unless Myro takes responsibility, she will leak the story to the media along with pictures of their child which she just delivered!

“However, Myro keeps denying. This should come as a rude shock to him that the story is finally in the media. Poor guy he can’t even tame his passions”, the Insider Squealed.

However, all efforts to reach Myro to hear his own side of the story have been abortive, as he has refused to take his calls or reply messages sent to his phone numbers.

See the screenshots of the messages here:

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