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Caroline Danjuma cries out over Tagbo’s death – What Davido’s 30 Billion Replied


Former Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma has cried out and made weighty allegations over the death of one of Davido’s 30 Billion gang crew members Tagbo that died Monday night.

Superstar singer, Davido and his camp are yet to react officially to Tagbo’s death weighty allegation. Rather, Davido only shared a photo of his upcoming 30 billion Africa Tour on Tuesday.

The former actress narrated that Tagbo was taken to the General Hospital in Lagos in Davido’s car and was abandoned there.

Caroline recalled that Davido, Tagbo and others had gone for partying at DNA club in Lagos.

The business woman said she later got a call that Tagbo was dumped at the General Hospital dead.


She emphatically insisted that Davido and his friends abandoned him and covered their faces with

face caps and hoodies before taking to their heels.

Caroline vowed to fight the matter, stating that she will not keep quiet until justice is done.

She later posted a photo on Instagram and captioned” You gave ur all .. when they needed ur assistance, you were always there for them .. Tag you don’t deserve this .. this world is cruel .. I warned you but u were always acting Mr nice they labelled you an alcohol addict which is a big lie .. I won’t keep shut .. a glass of Hennessy and cranberry gets u tipsy .. just a glass .. cool , calm and minding ur own biz was all you were .. all the lies they say now to cover up .. if only you could wake up and speak for urself .. I won’t keep shut …. only the wicked would act like it’s nothing … you called them your friends but they left you to die.”

She also posted another of when the deceased was a little boy with the following caption: “If only all this ill names could bring u back, I am ready to be called all sorts … they only label you because they never knew you .. I could take a bullet for u because you were selfless .. never looked down on no one. Playful and you knew your limits .. you were never boastful nor excessive .. you never drank past 5 shots of tequila even if u tried .. all u lived for , all you hoped for and couldnt wait to achieve on ur birthday is over.. you always had something nice to say to me .. constantly encouraging me and looking out for me “


What Davido’s Crew had to say

Victor Elejo, who was with singer the 30 Billion crew along with late Tagbo at Shisha Room Lekki, hours before he (Tagbo) died, has shared a video to debunk rumors that he died in Davido’s car.

Elejo also debunked reports that the same car was used to convey his alleged corpse to hospital.

They said Davido was at the Shisha lounge last night for a birthday party where he saw the late Tagbo and others and greeted everyone. He stayed for about an hour and left the party to another location. The source said hours after Davido left, someone informed him of Tagbo’s unfortunate death. He wasn’t around Tagbo or the club when he died and it wasn’t his car that conveyed him to the hospital.


The source said they don’t understand why Caroline would involve Davido in Tagbo’s unfortunate demise…

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