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TStv Movement: The Good and Bad, Channels, Price and How to Pay


The entrant of Pay Per View is still an idea Nigerians are chewing on. With the massive campaign on social media explaining all the benefits. The question still in the heart of many Nigerians is if TSTv will be able to live to the hype. Hope this won’t be  another HiTV, that came into our screens and was barely able to live up to a year.

On October 1, Nigerians, particularly on social media, celebrated the launch of the first pay-per-view multichannel Tv platform in Nigeria, TSTv.

TSTV did not only attempt to disrupt the market in the country but all over Africa, as its subscription is pay per view. The Federal Government has given them free hand to operate by declaring a Tax Free period of 3 years for the company.

Multichoice, the only company operating a successful Satellite Tv in Nigeria for over two decades and Other Parts of Africa, owner of DSTV and GOTV platforms,  apparently had to change its marketing strategy  in response to a threat by TSTV.

As TSTV was launching, Multichoice was unveiling its #GOTVMax, a bouquet with channels, such as Select Sports 4, CBS Reality, and Fox.

However, public perception seems to be swaying in favour of TSTV. Tstv made a salient remark on social media thus:

It took Nigerians 57 years to have Independence,” this is the caption on Instagram page of TSTv.


The Good: Consumer Perception

TSTv got it right by bundling internet data with Pay TV offerings. Nigerians need two things to survive: cheap/free internet and electricity. TSTV is giving internet data as cheap as N300 for 1GB and 10GB internet free monthly subscription!

The memory of using GOTV, DSTV or Startimes exists in the consumer’s mind and the consumer will evaluate TSTV’s service delivery relative to these previous experiences. The perceptual files, also known as the mental files play a role in the consumer Perception process and the outcome can either be brand adoption or brand switch.

The TSTV Movement

However, recent recession (2015-2017) has taught Nigerians that the best way to alleviate Forex pressure is to patronise“ made-in-Nigeria” products. Also, series of xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa has impaired the public relations of South African businesses, such as Shoprite, MTN, and DSTV. Thus, Nigerians are happy to have an indigenous brand playing in the sector.

The TSTV movement is the ordinary Nigerians giving support to the brand and often de-marketing other Pay TV platforms.

Bahdmus Hakeem, social media influencer and founder of @TheInfoNG,  tweeted: “The least we can do is to support TSTV. We cannot, I repeat, we cannot allow it to die like HiTV”.

Also, the government is supporting TSTV, by giving the company three-year tax holiday. This, the Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed explained, was geared towards growing the creative industry.

With all these support coming from Nigerians and the government, experts said TSTV is starting on a good footing.


One thing, everyone seems to love about the new satellite TV is the Price and then the Gigs allocated to it!

What is TSTv and How Did It Come Into Nigeria?

As an anxious and always eager to learn something, the first thing you would ask, is What is TSTV and how does it actually work?

Bermuda and Hong Kong, 14 June 2017 – ABS and Telcom Satellites TV (TSTV) signed a multi-transponder agreement to deliver a Direct-to-Home (DTH) broadcast service into Nigeria on ABS-3A.

TStv channels image

On a short notice, the TStv uses a technology called Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HBB TV) , which combines satellite, telecom, and internet for TV services. That is 3-in-1, amazing outcome!

The name TStv is also know as “Telecom Satellite TV” which is a Direct-To-Home pay satellite TV provider that is officially operated by ABS and TelecomSat. TSTV offers a wide range of local and international channels across different categories on a pay-as-you-consume basis.

Another loving info about TStv is that, refined offerings of novel Pay As You View (PAYV) subscription, pause subscription, complimentary internet service, Video call!

That means, you can pause your subscription at any time and continue with it at a later time.

TSTV Channel List

And they also promises a lot of amazing channels, the TV channels with premium entertainment, informative and educative programs that cut across all genres: News, Music, Religious, Sports, Health, Kids, Fashion and Lifestyle channels.

Read More: TSTv Channel List In Nigeria (Over 200+ Stations)

TStv channels

Free channels

*. Dish TV

Language/ Culture/ Pan Africa Channels

*. Mama Africa Movies (125)
*. Mama Africa Movies Yoruba (126)
*. Mama Africa Movies Hausa (127)
*. Riwendu TV (128)
*. Nollywood TV (130)

General Entertainment Channels

*. Grande Comedy (150)
*. NCTV (151)
*. Fox Entertainment (152)
*. Ben TV (155)
*. AIT (156)
*. NTA (257)

Movie Channels

*. Grande Movies (175)
*. Movie Box (176)
*. NBC 2 (177)
*. NBC Action (178)
*. NBC Max (179)
*. Telenovela (181)
*. Televista (183)
*. Bollywood TV (184)

Kiddies Channels

*. A1 Kids (200)
*. Panda Biggs (201)
*. Nickelodeon (202)
*. JimJam (203)

Health and Lifestyle Channels

*. AHTV (215)
*. Fine Living Network (216)
*. Fashion One (217)

Documentary Channels

*. National Geographic (222)
*. Nat Geo Wild (223)
*. Viasat Nature (224)
*. Discovery Science (225)
*. IDX (226)

Music Channels

*. Hits (240)
*. Trace (241)
*. MTV base (242)

News Channels

*. CNN (250)
*. Aljazeera (251)
*. BBC (252)
*. Channels (253)
*. TVC News (254)
*. Bloomberg (255)
*. CGTV (256)

Sports Channels

*. Bein Sports NBA (276)
*. Bein Sports HD2 (277)
*. Bein Sports HD3 (278)
*. Bein Sports Max 4 HD (279)
*. Bein Sports HD 5 (280)
*. Bein Sports 6 HD (281)
*. Bein Sports HD 7 (282)
*. Bein Sports HD 8 (283)
*. Bein Sports 9 HD (284)
*. Bein sports 10 HD (285)
*. Eurosport (286)
*. FOX Sports 1 (287)
*. FOX Sports 2 HD (288)
*. Kombat Sports (289)

Religious Channels

*. Grande Gospel (300)
*. Emmanuel TV (301)
*. TBN Networks (302)
*. Qraa (303)
*. Sunna Makaranta (304)
*. EWTV (305)

How does the TStv Decoder work?

There are two types of TStv decoder, one is the box type that looks like a cooler with 3G while, the other is flat one that looks like a DVD player that comes with a camera and 4.5G service.

TELCOM Satellites will pioneer the introduction of Smart set top boxes in Nigeria DTH industry. Meanwhile, new customer experiences and with internet connectivity, one can convert one‘s TV into a smart TV using it. Subscribers are entitled to a complementary internet capacity every month and this service is available for extension on demand.

TSTV Decoder

While the DTH tech in it brings television channels in Standard Definition and High Definition, the Connected set top box allows one to browse content from Twitter, Facebook, Daily Motion, video on demand sites, Over the Top, OTT apps, news, weather etc.

It suits for schools, hospitals, hotels, communities, securities firms and so on. TSTV STB platform also includes in-built fast Wi-Fi, up to 802.11ac, 1 GBit/s Ethernet and USB 3.0 interface. TSTV STB supports built-in Bluetooth 4.0, RF for hybrid remote controls and support of Smart Home services via Zigbee/Thread standard.

Multichannel video recording is possible via fast external USB 3.0 hard disks up to 50 Gigabyte capacity. The Smart STBs also have the capacity to make video calls with other TSTV subscribers via IP.

TStv Decoder Price and Subscription

The total package which includes the decoder + dish is said to cost #5,000.

Meanwhile. according to the Echefu, who is the TStv MD, said that the Landing cost of the decoder is the N28,000

Table of Subscription Plans

Below is the full subscription plans and their prices! The Plans Issa wow! Indeed, the TSTV subscription plans are quite affordable @ ₦200, ₦500, #750 , ₦1,000, ₦1,500 and ₦3,000 pricing.

According to TStv, subscribers are entitled to a complementary 20GB internet capacity every month and this service is available for extension on demand.

Subscription Plan Price Allocated Data
Daily Plan #200 500MB
3 Days Plan #500 1GB
Weekly Plan #750 2GB
10 Days Plan #1000 3GB
2 Weeks Plan #1,500 5GB
Monthly Plan #3,000 10GB

Where to Buy and How Pay for Subscriptions

You get a free one Month subscription right out the box.

Where to Buy TSTV Decoder in Nigeria


The method on how to pay for the TStv is available on their official website.

*. Goto
*. Then click on “Pay Subscription” as seen on the below image:

TStv how to pay

Signup as TStv Dealer

Do you have a business center? A Shop? Where you can stock in the TStv decoder and sell it out to customers? Then you have the privileged to sign up to be among the 6000 plus dealers waiting to receive theirs.

You are not the only one interested too, TStv says they have reached almost 750 dealers out of the 6000 plus application that has been submitted!

So if you are really interested, then SIGN UP HERE and after you must have successfully sign up, you can then LOGIN HERE!

But screening is also going on, as TStv isn’t planning on distributing their first 1million unit to fraudsters or slow marketers.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Question: EPL?
We have a station that will show the EPL matches and other soccer leagues live.

Question: Christian Channel?
Answer: Yes we have

Question: To become a dealer?
Answer: Simply visit our website, simply click on the tab for dealers on it and follow the instruction there.

Question: Price?
Answer: Decoder set is #5000 only

Question: Subscription?
Answer: Subscription fee is #3000 maximum monthly with pause subscription

TStv box

Controversial and Media News

After the launching and unveiling of TStv on 1st of October, during the 4th and 5th of October, some controversy news emerged.

An alleged letter from beIN -which is a company branded name- requesting TStv to stop the unauthorized usage of their name on their Tv as they haven’t come to a certain agreement of any kind but TStv has however, debunked such news.

Many said the letter isn’t official from beIN, that it might come from their competitors such as GOtv, DStv, Can Tv, but no official reports has confirmed, if they are involved!

TStv then confirmed to media that they would begin full operation on the 1st of November, 2017, which is a Month after the Launch Date!

Contact Details

*. Official Website:
*. Official Office Address: TStv Corporate Headquarters
Plot 1191 Gilmor Layout
by Jahi-Katampe bridge,
Jahi, Abuja, Nigeria
*. Email:
*. Facebook url:
*. Twitter url:
*. Linkedin url:
*. Youtube url:
*. Instagram url:
*. Contact US url:


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