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Clare Hollingworth marked with Google Doodle – here’s how the journalist broke the news of WW2


ENGLISH journalist and author Clare Hollingworth is known for being the first war correspondent to report the outbreak of World War Two.

On what would have been her 106th birthday, Clare is the subject if a Google Doodle – here’s her story…

Clare was born on October 10 1911 in Knighton, which is a southern suburb of Leicester.

An an early age she showed an interest in becoming a writer, despite opposition from her mother, and her interest in warfare was prompted by visits to a number of battlefield sites in Britain and France with her father.

After working as a secretary to the League of Nations Union, Clare won a scholarship to the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies in London, and later, a place at Zagreb University to study Croatian.

She then went on to write articles on a freelance base for the New Statesmen before she went to Warsaw in 1938 to help Czech refugees escape Hitler’s forces.

Between March and July 1939 she helped rescue thousands which led her to being hired by Arthur Wilson, the editor of The Daily Telegraph, in August 1939.

She had only been at the Telegraph for less than a week when she was sent to Poland to report on the increasing tensions in Europe.

While she was there, Clare wrote a front page story on a massive build-up of German troops, tanks and armoured cars which were facing towards Poland.

On September 1, Clare called the British Embassy in Poland to report the German invasion of Poland and had to hold the telephone out of the window of her room to capture the sounds of German forces in order to convince them.

This meant her eyewitness account was the first the British Embassy received about the invasion of Poland.

Clare passed away at a hospital in Hong Kong in January 2017.

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