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Apple dismissed Engineer after his Daughter’s video

...of iPhone X gone Viral



An employee of Apple who works as an Engineer at the company, was visited by the daughter Brooke Amelia Peterson at the Apple Campus where filming is strictly prohibited and recorded a video, then uploaded the video of the iPhone X which has not been released by apple yet. Peterson is who is a video blogger post the iPhone X video which lasted several minutes of hands-on time which is the one the best look yet at the device in action on YouTube which went viral .

Apple later requested the video to be taken down and Peterson’s Dad was dismissed from work because of the company’s rules and regulations that he signed to keep the privacy of the company secretive which is among the first priorities were not met.

This isn’t the first time an incident like this has occurred, few years ago, a company employee at Microsoft faced such punishment, and was dismissed after his son posted pictures of the Xbox 360 before it was released.


Brooke Amelia Peterson explains in a tearful video how her father was fired because of her uploaded video after her dad violated the company rule by letting her shoot the video.



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