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New Fast Pair by Google Introduces One of the Best Airpod


Fast Pair is a device recently announced by Google which allows pairing with Bluetooth devices on Android smartphones faster and easier. Fast Pair only works on smartphones running on Android 6.0 and above. Fast Pair by Google hopes to more devices will be included into the ecosystem; Fair Play is only compatible with few smartphones devices.


Google fast pair vs Apple airpod

Google Airpods, Image credit: cnet

The New Feature on Fast Pair

Fast Pair comes with new feature, to use this feature switch on the pair of headphones, then bring the Fast Pair close to the your Android supported smartphone while the pairing mode is on. Just the same way Bluetooth is paired normally. Your Android smartphone will automatically receive a notification instructing you to pair your device with your headphone by tapping a prompt message. Fair Pair uses a combination of information of the Bluetooth with the data of your location for searching for compatible devices that are within the vicinity.

With Google’s Fast Pair, pairing an Android phone with Bluetooth headphones has never been easier. Normally, when you want to connect your Android phones to Bluetooth headphone, you will get a long list of Bluetooth devices to connect with on your screen, and every one of such list appears like a cumbersome combination of letters as well as numbers — making it hard to recognize which phone you intend pairing with.          

Comparing Fast Pair with Apple’s Airpods

Apple’s Airpods works similar with Google’s Fast Pair by using auto-pairing with devices that only runs on iOS or Mac OS.  it uses Bluetooth Low Energy protocol that is battery friendly and employed for pairing wearables, headphones as well as smart home gadgets with devices by using moderate power.

Also, the pairing of Google’s Fast Pair with headphones close to Android devices is similar to how you connect Apple’s Airpod with iPhone phones. To use Airpods, you flip it open or switch on the supported Beats headphones close to an iPhone; then a notification will instruct you to connect both devices through Bluetooth. The pairing is a one-time process; and using the W1 chip, the Airpods or Beats headphones will pair with a device running on iOS or Mac OS automatically when you switch them on next time. However, Fast Pair is essentially better than Airpods in the sense that it makes it easier for headphone manufacturers to adopt the feature from Google than building new models of headphone with the W1 chip of Apple.



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