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Every Woman Hates These 3 Sex Positions


Women never seize to amaze men in the other room. From faking the Big O to hating even getting undressed.

Your favorite sex position might be the one your woman dreads to make it worse, she might never tell you about it.

Here are 3 sex Positions Every Woman Hates

1. Woman on Top

Women are insecured with this position. They are more self-conscious when they are on top, they are probably wondering about how their breasts and stomach look like from where you are laying.

I think this position shouldn’t be a problem, as great communication and understanding in a relationship could make a woman feel less insecure with her partner. All the same you can decide to scrap it out.


2. Reverse Cowgirl

Women hate this positions because according to them, orgasms are difficult to reach through this position.

Gents fix it by going for sex positions that will help her reach orgasm faster.


3. Doggystyle

Doggystyle is the best position for most guys, not only did it give a man maximum pleasure but naturally it is also a great position for making babies.

Women hate it because it is a painful sex position. You might be going in deep and enjoying her screams which might be due to pain rather than pleasure because you are ramming into her cervix.

Also, according to some ladies, this position is not intimate enough.

Guys, go for shallow thrusts when in the doggystyle position. Try to be more intimate, by touching other parts of her body and her erogenous zones.

The best way to improve your sex life is to always communicate with your partner, know what he/she likes and wants.


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