You Should Stop Having Oral S£x For These 2 Reasons

In the year 2009, several studies revealed that about 75% of women don’t reach orgasm (the big O) from intercourse alone.

The percentage increased to 80% in 2016. Also, I have never met a man who would declined to getting a good head but let’s go into the health perspective of all this, reading this might compel you to stop having oral sex.

We all use condoms for two reasons, to prevent STDs and pregnancy. When it comes to oral s£x, all those safety precautions are thrown out the window and everything happens raw.

So here are 2 reasons why you should stop having oral sex right now.

1. If You Are Unaware Of Your Partner’s Status

Amazingly, many people are unaware of their partner’s status and some believe asking your partner about his/her status could be very offensive and show lack of trust as every relationship needs trust to survive right?.

Well, I totally agree that asking your partner about his/her status or doing a test to confirm the status might not be the best.

It is best you know your partner’s sexual status, since you don’t wear condoms to prevent the spread of STDs during oral sex and you cannot say 100% that your partner does not have an STD, no matter who he/she is.

Oral sex can lead to transfer of many STDs, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, human papillomavirus (HPV), HIV you name it.

Mostly the mouth and throat are affected by these STDs when contacted through oral s£x, but there are other possibilities that it may affect your rectum, urinary tract and genital area.


2. You Might Get Cancer

American Cancer Society reveals there are links between throat cancer and oral s£x specifically, it all boils down to STDs once more..

Performing oral s£x can’t give you cancer but you can get cancer from a very common STD, the human papillomavirus (HPV).

So it is advisable should you just give up on oral s£x.

There are several ways you can protect yourself from STDs and cancer transferred by oral s£x.

Use a dental clam

Use a condom

Know your status.


Remember, prevention is always better and cheaper than cure.

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