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Clean Your Teeth In 10 Seconds With This Automatic Toothbrush


Imagine cleaning your teeth within 10 seconds, imagine being able to brush without your gums bleeding out, imagine brushing without moving your hand at all.

This electric toothbrush is designed to bring your imagination to existence. Simply stick the brush in your mouth and just stand there doing nothing for 10 seconds and you are all cleaned up.

You can skip the long strokes because this electric toothbrush is designed to be held in place.

The bristles are soft, safeguarding your gums. All you need to do is to just wiggle the toothbrush with subtle vibrations, instead of doing long strokes.


So goodbye to strokes and bleeding gums, well there’s more to this electric toothbrush. The bristles are aligned at a 45° angle against the gum line and are soft enough in order to rub instead of scratch. And the pressure against your teeth is light. Subtle vibrations allows the toothbrush to remove plaque and keep your gums undamaged as it move the bristles back-and-forth.

Amabrush consist of three parts:

The Mouthpiece
The Handpiece (handle)
The Toothpaste Capsules

The mouthpiece looks more like a mouthguard (for boxers) and has a detachable handle that attaches through magnets. The handle can simply be detached and used it for multiple brushes.

Toothpaste passes through the battery-powered handle directly into the brush, and it then vibrates bristles set at the ideal 45-degree angle, exactly how you’re supposed to do on your own.

The brand reveals the internal battery can last for up to 28 uses and it is chargeable with either a charging pad (wireless charging) or with your smartphone charger.

As recommended by the brand, replace the mouthpiece every six months.

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