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Popular Nigerian Photographer Chika Michael Ekezie Attempts Suicide After Finding Out He Is HIV Positive


Popular instagram Photographer CHIKA MICHAEL EKEZIE has attempted to commit suicide after finding out he is HIV Positive.

Ezekie wrote his suicide note on his instagram account

According to multiple sources, his unresponsive body has been found after he took a drug overdose.

He took to his instagram page to shared this; So today I bring an end to my life and my career….. Since I found out about being hiv positive life has gone bad in all ways…. I have sought to work for free for people… I am done. This account would be closed soon… Thanks to everyone who ever believed in me.

Here are some reactions below;

waterlemonmanI gnorance. I would rather I have HIV than cancer or diabetes… no sickness is good but HIV is a lesser evil compared to the later two.

diamondrock83 Did you seek help before this thought of suicide? There are people who are hiv position and they are doing very well in life, pls don’t take your life, think of your mother, ur family, the pain they will go thru cos of this wrong decision.

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